Oslo Pilot Program

Starting this fall


Starting in Oslo and Going Global

The journey starts here.

We are launching Fimber this fall with a pilot in Oslo, our home turf, and one of the most egalitarian cities in the world. Through our Pilot, we want to show that increased diversity can impact the ride-sharing industry positively. 

Our Oslo Pilot will begin with weekend services. It will be the perfect way to zip around the "city of tigers"! 

As our fleet grows, our services will also be available on weekdays, and we will expand to cities in other countries.

Become one of Fimber’s first fleet of drivers

Want to be part of one of the biggest shift in the sharing economy within the transportation field?

We will give you proper training when accessing our Fimber app. Not only will you be able to have a full overview of your earnings hour-by-hour but also be given incentives in the company as you grow with us.